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Thank You!

A big thank you to everyone who downloaded and read 'A Christmas Day kerfuffle.'

As you know, Kerfuffle is the first story I have published and I don’t mind admitting how nervous I was. It’s one thing to say that I am writing a novel, book, story, etc but a different kettle of fish altogether to admit to having published something for other people to actually read. Once I had uploaded it to Amazon, I held my breath and waited for the terrible reviews to flood in.

To be honest, I thought that a handful of friends might feel obliged to read Kerfuffle - they did and I am very grateful - but I was amazed to discover that some complete strangers downloaded it too! And, not just during the free promotion period!

I was able to access the daily sales figures on Amazon, which was particularly nerve-wracking because you can even see how many pages have been read on Kindle unlimited. It was like being on a roller coaster of emotion, ranging from delight when a copy sold, to dismay if it was only partly read, and then relief if it was finished later on. I expect that at some point you stop stalking the sales reports but that will probably be a long way off.

Work on my novel is progressing well, especially now I have professional input from Laurence, my editor. He has a great sense of humour, which helps enormously, particularly when he doesn't like what I've written. I've gone off the title Waking Up and it is currently called A Man with a strong T-shirt, though this will no doubt change again...

When my daughter was little, she used to tell me that she wanted a boyfriend with a strong t-shirt. It transpired that what she really wanted was a strong boyfriend. She clearly felt the lack of a father figure in her young life. Mind you, she also used to shake her head and say, 'Men... Who needs them!' She had a wise head on those five-year-old shoulders.

In the meantime, I've had some ideas for more short stories. Kerfuffle was such fun to write that I have decided to do a series called Scott Family Short Stories. Laura, Ben, Deborah, Colin, Maureen, Bob and Freddie will be featured regularly and, of course, get up to more silly shenanigans.

‘Let’s Dance’ is the title of the first one. It is set a couple of months before Kerfuffle and will be about the humorous, but stressful, turn of events which threw Laura and Ben together. As usual, the stories will be inspired by my own wonderful, mad family.

I will be posting updates as I write and, if your family sounds anything like the Scott Family, I would love to hear all about them.

Amanda x


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